Common Problems Solved by Stilt

Assets left in the field for months and other inventory issues?

Get in control of your equipment costs and condition. Stilt easily tracks temporary and permanent equipment and allows you to run automated reports to see which equipment is costing you money. Facilities have used Stilt’s automated tools to save 10s of thousands of dollars of rental costs every month.

Eliminate the finger-pointing when an asset’s condition comes into question.

Unknown contractor efficiency?

Easily keep track of multiple contractors and freelance workers. Stilt monitors day-to-day activities and the amount of time spent on work tasks. Stilt combines project management, and scheduling tools, offering an all-in-one platform to lead third-party contract workers.

Set up controls and guidelines for comparing and selecting contractors as well as assessing the work outsourced to them. Stilt also helps ensure compliance with workplace safety policies to provide a safe work environment.

Confusion → Downtime

Facility leaders know that poor communication leads to downtime. Stilt helps eliminate assumptions and guesswork by guiding users through a simple yet powerful flow which helps document essential information along the way. Align your teams and reach your goals faster with Stilt.

Stilt’s real-time reporting and individually customizable notifications make for fact-based decisions and a well-informed team.

Questionable compliance and safety practices?

Safety 1st. With Stilt, all your contractors will complete standardized pre-job safety assessments, equipment inspections, safety audits, and any other organizational or industry policies in one central place. Dedicated KPIs can benchmark which contractors are complying with your facilities requirements without you having to spend time auditing multiple different contractor processes.

A strong compliance track record goes a long way in winning customers’ trust and ensuring an organization’s reputation remains positive.

Wasted time with walkthroughs and inefficient communication?

Clearly communicate job requirements the 1st time. Stilt’s intuitive user-interface enables teams to capture and convey all the required details and eliminate the back and forth of traditional communication methods. Photos, location data, and event history are all there to refer to, often avoiding those additional redundant walkthroughs.

With Stilt your teams will know exactly what needs to be done, where, and when, especially when it’s due to a reschedule or supervisor change.