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Common Problems Solved by Stilt

Difficulty immediately differentiating yourself from competitors?

You know you’re better than the competition, and so do we. Stilt’s fully customizable user interface helps you immediately show that by improving your brand’s recognition and reinforcing loyalty. Personalized features and integrations also increase customer engagement, boost sales, and elevate your brand above the others.

We apply your branding to our app, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom development time and allowing you to impress new customers and win more bids immediately.

Lack of a single source of truth for all communications?

Stilt provides an all-in-one platform for your customers and teams, reducing confusion, redundant walkthroughs, and inefficiency. By centralizing work requests, you can eliminate assumptions and guesswork, guiding users through a simple yet powerful flow to document all essential information.

Stilt helps you stay connected with your teams and customers, improve response times, and immediately boost productivity.

Unknown project and team status?

Remove ambiguity and question marks from your productivity. Stilt offers centralized visibility into the status of all your projects and teams through real-time notifications, insights, and purpose built KPIs. Customizable permissions allow you to easily control who, what, and how information is communicated with internally and externally.

Prevent finger pointing and optimize your customer experience.

Excessive overhead waste and costs?

Concentrate on your work without distraction. Stilt provides both out of the box and fully customizable reporting, enabling you to quickly reduce your administrative burden and improve teamwork. By introducing automation into your process, you can effectively scale your business and increase efficiency.

Accurate and complete information at the touch of a button.

Unnecessary gaps between work?

Maximize your daily productivity. Stilt’s smart scheduling tools and backlog feature aggregate work, simplifying the process of getting jobs done. By tagging geo-locations and photos directly to work requests you and your customers will enjoy the time savings from eliminating unnecessary walkthroughs.

Confidence that your schedule is constantly optimized.