Audit Trails

Quickly view the audit trail of work requests, edits, and related activity with Stilt. Our automated record-keeping promotes transparency, enabling prompt resolution of disputes and eliminating questions regarding the requestor or the request date.

Dispatch Management

Automate work order assignment, delivery route optimization, and task list creation for drivers. Stilt allows fleet managers to automatically assign a vehicle or an employee to a customer, schedule deliveries or appointments, provide daily task lists to the drivers, and generate daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.

Dynamic Checklists

Create and complete custom checklists on-the-go with Stilt! Streamline inspections, audits, and rounds with ease - no more paper forms or handwriting. Add comments, photos, and monitor KPIs for accurate record-keeping. Stilt optimizes processes, eliminates inefficiencies, and keeps you organized in the field!

Flexible Scheduling

Stay ahead of schedule changes with Stilt's flexible scheduling options! Easily manage Urgent tasks or schedule jobs for a specific date and time. Maximize efficiency by scheduling jobs for the Next Opportunity or enter work as Awaiting Schedule to be assigned a date later. Our system helps you adapt quickly to changing demands and stay on top of your workload.


Efficiently manage work requests with Stilt's map view feature! Pinpoints on the map can be filtered by job status and task type, allowing you to easily route crews and optimize task completion. Spend less time running around and more time getting work done with Stilt!

Offline Capabilities

Spotty service in the field? No need to worry, Stilt is here to help! Our proprietary platform operates seamlessly no matter where you are. Even if you are offline, the Stilt mobile app stores all your data and images, and automatically uploads them once you regain connectivity, without you having to do a thing.

Powerful Reporting

Stilt's platform has advanced KPIs and reporting features for various industries. The interactive dashboard lets users filter and drill down on data to spot inefficiencies. Customizable KPIs and reports are also available, produced via a deep dive into each of our client's unique requirements and business needs.

QR-Coded Assets

Make equipment and asset management a breeze with Stilt's QR codes. Simply place the QR code on your equipment and assets for easy identification in the app. Field workers can scan the code to quickly create a service request, and non-users can also create requests securely. Streamline your service requests with Stilt's QR codes.

Real-Time Updates

Stay updated on work requests with Stilt! Contractors and employees receive immediate notifications on new requests, while requestors get updates on job status. Our shared platform eliminates the need for constant calls and updates, streamlining task completion for increased efficiency.

Vendor Management

Oversee your organization's operational workflows to ensure conformance with the relevant legal frameworks, internal policies, and stakeholder expectations. By diligently tracking and monitoring your business processes, you can adeptly navigate the dynamic regulatory environment, optimize operational efficiency, and reinforce trust among key stakeholders.

Work Requests

Easily create and assign work requests to your team or partners using Stilt. Our intuitive system streamlines task completion, populating necessary fields as you go. Increase productivity and collaboration with Stilt - no more tedious manual entry!

Stilt Mobile Application

A Seamless User Experience

Stilt app is a native download from App Store or Google Play, available on iOS and Android, offering great performance, offline capabilities, push notifications, and user-friendly features for field use with no training needed.