General Questions

Nearly all work types can be managed with Stilt! Stilt was originally built to manage day-to-day requests for scaffolding at large industrial facilities (hence the name “Stilt”) but has expanded over time to manage other industrial work types such as Insulation, Sandblasting, Waterblasting, Painting, HVAC, and more. Certain work types (like Scaffolding, HVAC, Mobile Equipment, etc) require complex workflows that are already built in Stilt, which means Stilt is incredibly flexible for managing multiple crafts and labor types.

A site can be provisioned very quickly with all of the bells and whistles commonly used by most of our large industrial customers. You can edit your own custom fields or have one of our account specialists provision the site for you. Once your site is deployed, you and your employees, contractors, and colleagues can begin using the platform. Most users only need to watch our 10 minute training video to understand the basics and get started.

If you have multiple contractor work groups using the software, contractors will only be able to see work assigned to them unless you’ve authorized them to view other contractor work. Contractors can be restricted to the types of work they can request and the types of work they can be assigned. For example, if you have a multi-craft contractor that handles Scaffolding/Insulation/Blasting/Painting, they can be set up alongside your HVAC contractors, and each contractor employee will only be able to see the work assigned to their company.

Yes. We do offer White-Label services to put your company’s branding and colors on our mobile and web applications. Having your own custom-branded app will set you apart from your competitors and will keep your customers happy.

Technical Questions

Yes. The application works in Offline Mode or in areas with spotty network connection. You can even upload photos while offline, and the app will automatically upload them when the device resumes connectivity.

Stilt’s cloud-based servers are all located within the US.

There are various ways to export data. On the web application, you can export data to Excel. You can also run reports on demand or on a schedule. Additionally, if you would like a raw data export, our Customer Support team can assist with that request.

With most apps, you need to “pull to refresh” or tap on a refresh button to get the latest data. With Stilt, data is always synced, immediately. This is important for large sites with a high volume of work requests and constant status changes. You can always be sure that what you are viewing on your phone is the most up-to-date information available for that job. This also allows you to set up a TV in your break rooms, control rooms, or staging areas, which will always display the jobs in queue without having to use a keyboard or mouse to refresh.

In addition to using industry best-practices for encryption and user authentication, we also implement strict security rules server-side to prevent unauthorized access. We are also frequently updating the web and mobile applications to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.


With an Enterprise plan, we will work with you and your team to provision your site to match your current work practices with all of the necessary custom fields and logic. Additionally, we will provision all of your user accounts, upload any existing Checklists, and assist with the rollout process.

Each work type and task type can have custom fields and logic applied. For example, if you want a custom prompt upon completion of an HVAC job to indicate if refrigerant was needed, you can easily add that field and decide whether it’s required or not. You can perform these customizations yourself or request assistance from your Account Specialist.

Yes, we would be happy to schedule additional dedicated training sessions for you and your team.

If you already have checklists in Excel format and don’t want to manually load each on via the web portal, we can assist by batch loading them for you.

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