Commercial Contractor Field Service Management

Commercial businesses are America’s backbone and it’s your job to keep them running. At Stilt it’s our job to keep you running – something we pride ourselves on.

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HVAC technician is at a store using their phone to take photos of a broken AC unit

Quote and Close Business in Real-Time, From the Field

Price book integrations enable real-time job quoting and approval. Tracking upsell helps grow your business and reward high performers.

Modernized Customer Relationship Management

Automated workflows help proactively identify customers needing more assistance, gather and optimize their reviews, and follow-up on stale estimates.

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The Stilt app pictured as the brain behind routing and scheduling decisions

AI Powered Scheduling, Dispatching, and Technician Management

Stilt uses the same artificial intelligence as Amazon and FedEx to help schedule, dispatch, and manage technicians, in real-time.

Make Money Moves

Stilt integrates with QuickBooks (and other common accounting platforms), streamlines invoicing, and offers best-in-class payment processing, helping you maximize revenue.

+ Payroll coming soon!

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Stilt’s commercial field service management software features

Automatically create, manage, and track multiple technicians’ schedules, optimize resource alignment based on progress and priority, and notify teams of updates.

Identify and assign technicians based on required skill sets to work orders and track resource activity through completion.

Create, manage, and organize work orders, helping track each work order’s status, assign employees tasks, and set due dates.

Track payments received against an invoice and send customers reminders if they’re late. Plus, QuickBooks integrations come standard!

Maintain and manage a centralized database of leads, other interactions, contact info, job history, memberships, and more.

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Here is what our customers are saying about us…

Casey G.
Easy to Use Helping Tool Pros: Easy to use and great customer service! Everyone has been super helpful and friendly. Helps us stay organize and keep track of things. Cons: Haven't had any problems from my personal experience.
Logan B.
Stilt: Beyond Helpful for Our Team Pros: Stilt was very effective in managing our team. Our use of it helped us to stay organized and on track with our projects. Additionally, Stilt's geo-tagged jobs feature was super user friendly for our work orders. Being able to see details for each work order broken down by required materials, relevant images, and SOPs made our projects much more approachable. I would highly recommend Stilt for any company. Cons: I did not dislike anything about using Stilt.
Aderbal C.
Best work order software on the market Overall: Overwhelmingly positive Pros: Stilt has allowed our team to efficiently optimize our work streams and have allowed us to finally get a grasp on minimizing downtime. The KPI's are probably my favorite feature, really allows my to get a deep insight on the utilization of my team and allows me to spot any inefficiencies that we can improve on. Great product overall, even better value for the cost. Cons: There aren't any standard pricing measures to get a pricing sense upfront but the staff was extremely friendly and the customization aspect of the product in terms of pricing ended up being better.
Gasparini T.
Excellent scheduling & workflow app Overall: This app has created better organization and visibility with our scaffold and insulation contractor. Before Mosaic used this app, it was challenging to keep track of scaffolds erected in the field. This app has also streamlined communication with the contractor. Pros: The Stilt app was essentially designed for identifying, communicating, and scheduling work in an industrial manufacturing environment. It is very user friendly and a great way to communicate work requests to a contractor that does not have access to your company's CMMS. Cons: I can't think of anything negative to speak about this app. The only downside I can think of is it doesn't communicate with our CMMS. We use this app primarily for scaffolding and insulation tasks, so if a job gets re-scheduled in our CMMS, we have to make sure the app is updated as well. This is a very minor issue.
Hannah A.
Easy to Navigate Scaffolding App Pros: I've used Stilt to coordinate with the scaffolding contractors on site, it allows me to pinpoint exactly what I need scaffolding built to by uploading pictures of the job site as well as dropping a pin for the job location. i can chose if it's an emergency build or if I want to schedule it for later on in the week. If there are any remaining questions, the scaffolding contractors can easily find my contact information to call me and ask me for more details. When the work is complete and I need the scaffolding taken down or I need scaffolding reinspected, it's very easy for me to request that in the app. Cons: If you don't have the scaffolding tag ID it is a little harder to search through all the entries to find your entry, but overall the app is very user friendly and explains step by step what is needed for each section.
Tim A.
Stilt Pros: User friendly , Photo attachment and easy search capabilities. Cons: Would like a feature to alert when scaffolding has been up for a long period of time.
Alex F.
Stilt Review Pros: Stilt is extremely efficient and user friendly, and was easy to integrate. It includes plenty of features that are all very useful, and does so at a reasonable price. Cons: Integration with more systems such as excel
Thiago L.
Amazing useful and easy to use Pros: Makes keeping track of things much easier.UI is very easy-to-use and quick to learn. Great KPIs and metrics.Extremely friendly staff and customer service. Cons: There is nothing negative to say from my experience.
Drew S.
Mining & Chemical Plant Industry Usage Pros: Mobile/computer accessible, ease of use, user friendly, used by both onsite personnel & the contractor, helps keep things organized / track more efficiently Cons: Continually improving metrics & layout, each revision improves what was there before
Dan H.
Powerful mobile app Overall: The Stilt app and team are very nice to work with. Pros: Stilt helped me get our teams on track with their projects, no matter the location. I really like the task assignment, progress tracking, and team communication. Cons: I think the app was built for larger teams and companies so it took some configuration to get used to.