Simple. Flexible. Customizable.

With our Checklists module, you can build out your own checklists in our app or let us import your existing ones. Our user interfaces simplifies the experience for field employees, operators, and technicians to complete checklists while on the go!

Operator & Technician Rounds

Hourly or Shift-Based Checksheets, Mechanic PM Routes, Field Technician Rounds, & More

Safety Checklists

Pre-Job Risk Assessments, In-Process Checks, Safety Audits & More

Equipment Inspections

Golf Cart Inspections, Forklift Inspections, Mobile Equipment Inspections & More.

All the features you would expect - and more.

With Stilt, you're not just getting a digital spreadsheet. You're getting a purpose-built tool for industrial and manufacturing work environments. Designed to be easy to use in the field, yet flexible for different types of inspections, checklists, and rounds.

Build Your Own

Create your own checklists with our intuitive web portal. Choose from multiple types of questions, add tags, and set question ordering.

Auto-Generate Tasks

Automatically generate checklists tasks every day, shift, hour, or more according to your needs. Checklist tasks can also be generated on-demand.

Non-Passing Criteria

Specify which values are considered non-passing -- whether it's a dropdown selection or a numerical value outside of a desired range.

View Historical Data

While completing checklists in the field, you can view the historical responses to each question to see if something is trending in the wrong direction or to validate previous values.

Optional Approval/Review

Checklists can be designated as requiring additional approval or review, ensuring supervisors and managers are kept in the loop for critical tasks.

KPIs and Reports

Keep track of checklist metrics, percentages of non-passing responses, and completion times with automated KPIs and reports.