Building Maintenance Software

Reduce Downtime and Optimize Your Operations

Stilt provides an all-in-one platform to centralize your work requests, manage your assets, and manage all your third-party vendors.

Elevate Work Requests to New Heights

Protect Your Time

Effectively save project time and streamline operations by digitizing sub-optimal and outdated methods.

Drive Better Outcomes

Stay connected with your teams and customers to improve response times and increase productivity from day one.

Build Brand Awareness

Customize the look and feel of the software to promote your brand and improve brand recognition and trust.

Overcome Obstacles to Reveal Your Most Efficient & Productive Team

Stilt makes it seamless to identify and resolve any barriers to your operations and performance.

Work Order Management

Generate and assign your team or partners’ work requests to streamline task completion while populating necessary fields.


Digital Checklists

Build, customize, and complete dynamic checklists on-the-go with Stilt. Streamline inspections, audits, and rounds with ease.


Asset Management

Plan maintenance operations to ensure the longevity of physical assets, all from one centralized database.

Document Management

View the audit trail of work edits, requests, and related activity with automated record-keeping that promotes transparency.


KPIs & Reporting

Filter and drill down from an interactive dashboard to review KPIs and reporting. Dive into your data to spot any inefficiencies.


Invoicing & Payments

Keep track of your teams’ pay, process payments, and take care of invoices all from within one user-friendly platform.


See Why Customers Choose Us


“It has helped keep my team organized, and overall has advanced our effectiveness. Having everything on one platform makes the day to day tasks run very smoothly. From getting a notification about an issue, scheduling a crew to work on the issue, getting live updates on the progress, and completion of the task, it’s a 10/10.”

Justice P.
Operations Engineer

“Amazing software that saves me time! Being an owner of a company comes with some many different hats. Tracking equipment, employees, sub contractors and everyone’s pay. This software allows me to keep track of everything in one place. Track time and scheduling for jobs so I can use this information to bid on the next job.”

Scott F.

Building Maintenance

Achieve Real-Time Work Request Optimization

Stilt is built to streamline your work request processes, while reducing confusion, redundant walkthroughs, and inefficiencies, all in one robust solution.

See Stilt in Action

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