What is a Work Request? | Work Requests Explained

In the contractor market, a work request refers to a formal or informal document that outlines a specific task or project that needs to be completed by a contractor. It is essentially a request for a contractor to perform certain work or services for a client or a company. A work request typically includes important details such as the scope of work, project specifications, timelines, budget, and any specific requirements or expectations. It may also include supporting documents or drawings to provide a clear understanding of the work that needs to be done.

Work requests are commonly used in various industries, including facility management, utilities, construction, maintenance, repairs, renovations, and other contractor-dependent fields. They serve as a means of communication between the client or company and the contractor, ensuring that both parties are aligned on the expectations and deliverables of the project.

Upon receiving a work request, the contractor will typically review the details provided and evaluate whether they have the necessary skills, resources, and availability to fulfill the requirements. They may then provide a proposal or estimate outlining the cost, timeline, and any additional terms or conditions for completing the work.

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